Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church Home

Updated Covid Guidelines:

-Registration is no longer required to attend mass.
-Center pews will be open seating. Side pews will remain roped-off every few rows for those who wish to remain socially distanced.
-Masks are still highly recommended, but not required unless you have not been vaccinated.
-Congregational singing is not yet allowed.
-Sign of Peace is not yet allowed.
-Precious Blood is not yet allowed.
-All parishioners should be encouraged to stay home if they're not feeling well.
-Social Gatherings before or after Mass is not yet allowed.
-You may enter and exit at any door.
Collection Baskets: Located at the tables in the back of the church. You may also give online here. Contact the Parish Office with any questions.
Ava and Nolan, Welcome to the Family of God! Featured Photo

Ava and Nolan, Welcome to the Family of God!

Please welcome the newest members of our parish! Ava Raphael and Nolan Dyer were baptized and welcomed into our Catholic Faith. Please keep them and all newly baptized in your prayers.
Where in the World is OLL? Featured Photo

Where in the World is OLL?

Liz Martin Wingard and Katy Corum were in Anacortes, Washington celebrating the wedding of Liz and Rob Wingard last month.