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What is a Sister Parish?

During the month on January we are focusing on our sister parish in San Sebastian de Yali, Nicaragua but some of you may ask, “What is a Sister Parish?” Sister parishes enter a relationship where both have something to offer each other to build a community. It is much more than a financial relationship. We become knit together like members of the same family - in this case, it is the Catholic family with shared values, rites, and practices.
The San Sebastian de Yali parish in Nicaragua, has a very strong faith that is part of their daily life and a strong sense of sharing everything they have with others - and I do mean everything. Our Lady of the Lake has a close knit membership, an excellent Catholic school, and a great sense of social justice.
Sister parishes are mutual support entities that looks after each other. That means praying for each other, frequent communication via letters, emails, visits, and financial support. We are fortunate to have developed a great relationship with a small parish in the village of Yali in northern Nicaragua.
To learn more about or get involved with our Sister Parish, please check out our January Highlights Newsletter or Sister Parish Page on our website.