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Inspired by the vision of the Gospel and Catholic Social Teaching, the members of the Justice and Peace Committee at Our Lady of the Lake Parish seek to foster ways which promote the dignity of all persons and all creation and bring about justice and peace. Challenged by the example of Christ, the group strives to follow and to teach, by example, this foundational dimension of our Faith.

An illustration was our Tiny House Project completed in collaboration with five congregations including Our Lady of the Lake, Assumption, St. Bridget, University Unitarian, and Wedgwood Presbyterian. This has been a wonderful partnership and example of our Mission Statement both in raising funds and in doing the building work.

Current Events:

JustFaith and Racial Healing: Embracing Truth, Justice, and Restoration at OLL
This program explains the historical context behind the racial inequalities we face today, whether in education, the criminal justice system, the workforce, or even in church life. Though we focused specifically on enslaved Africans and their descendants, this program will open participants’ eyes to patterns of injustice that affect other minority groups across the nation as well. Through the one-day opening retreat, immersion experience, and eight sessions, your group will emerge from Faith and Racial Healing better equipped to work toward restoration. Registration is now Closed.  Learn more about JustFaith Ministries at JustFaith.org
Racial Equity Committee Meetings:  To learn more about the context, genesis and purpose of our committee please click HERE. Meetings are held monthly. If you are interested in participating, please register HERE

Catholic Social Teaching Stories Project

Reflecting on the Catholic Social Teachings our committee developed an OLL Commitment Statement. We invite parishioners to participate, deepen our understanding of the statement and live them out more fully for the common good. To learn more or submit a story, please click the button below:

Thoughts on Catholic Social Teaching

Members of our Justice and Peace Committee wrote a series of newsletters and short essays elaborating on USCCB's Seven Themes of Catholic Social Teaching. Please click the button below to read more:

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