Synod, What Is It?

The synodal process will involve dioceses around the world in a phase of listening. Local churches like ours will hold “listening sessions” guided by facilitators. These sessions “will integrate the Synodal Process into the life of the local Church in creative ways that promote and deepen communion, fuller participation, and a more fruitful mission.”

Our facilitators will lead us in a conversation centered around two questions asked by Pope Francis and we will listen. Our responses will be noted and after all of our sessions are completed our parish will send our collective responses to our local Archdiocese, who will then send it on nationally and finally onto to Rome.  Please sign up here to have your voice heard. 
We invite you
to join us by
signing up for a "Listening Session" Today!
The Synod Information Sheet is an outline with some ideas on how to get started with your reflection with the Holy Spirit about your Journey and the discernment about how you are moved to contribute to the session. Please review before attending a Listening Session.