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We're grateful for FDA approval of pediatric vaccines and the availability of boosters to so many of our community. As we welcome all of you back to Mass, we would like to share with you some information about the ways we are prioritizing your health at OLL! 
Activities that have returned are:
  • Collection baskets with long handles
  • Holy Water fonts
  • Parish pew cards, pencils, and other loose items can be returned to the pews.
The following restrictions are still in place:
  • All parishioners should be encouraged to self-screen and stay home if they’re not feeling well.
  • Hand sanitizer should continue to be regularly used and is available throughout the church.
  • Due to the latest scientific data confirming that singing increases the spread of the coronavirus aerosols, the Archdiocese has limited all singing. Currently there should be no congregational singing.
  • Sign of Peace is not yet allowed.
  • Precious Blood is not yet allowed.  
  • Presentation of the Gifts by the faithful is not yet allowed.
  • Children’s Liturgy of the Word is not yet allowed out of an abundance of caution for all the children who are not yet vaccinated.
  • No indoor social gatherings with food or drink.