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Here are the updates regarding Covid Guidelines:
  • Masks are no longer required. The Archdiocese understands that removing masks will be a new experience for everyone, and some may not feel comfortable. We encourage everyone to be gentle and respect those who continue to wear a mask.
  • We want people of all comfort levels to feel welcome to come to mass as we continue to ensure the health and safety of all!
  • We will continue to rope-off some of the side pews for those who wish to continue social-distancing.
  • Windows/doors will continue to stay open during mass to ensure air circulation. Please keep in mind that it may be chilly!
  • The choir will continue to wear masks at this time, as well as Eucharistic Ministers when serving communion. A solo cantor may choose to remove their mask to sing.
  • Please continue to monitor any symptoms and stay home if you are not feeling well. Parishes in the Archdiocese are required to continue reporting any new Covid-19 exposures for the time being.