Sister Parish/San Sebastian de Yali

Our Sisterhood: Our Lady of the Lake and San Sebastian de Yali
Sister parishes enter a relationship where both have something to offer each other to build a community. It is much more than a financial relationship. We become knit together like members of the same family - in this case, it is the Catholic family with shared values, rites, and practices.
The San Sebastian de Yali parish in Nicaragua, has a very strong faith that is part of their daily life. A few simple example of how we here at OLL are inspired by this is that our 4th Grade at OLL has learned the prayer to St. Sebastian (added below) and they say it at the beginning and end of everyday. We as a parish also pray for San Sebastian every weekend at Mass and have our beautiful icon created by Kathy Sievers in our church as every present reminder of our special relationship with San Sebastian.
Sister parishes are mutual support entities that look after each other. That means praying for each other, communication via emails (some of which are included below), visits, and financial support. We are fortunate to have developed a great relationship with a small parish in the village of Yali.
Are you interested in learning more about our Sister Parish San Sebastian de Yali? Please contact Doug Ward or you can check out their Facebook page.
With so much joy and happiness I am sharing with you all this amazing news. Finally Our Beloved Priest Miguel Ángel Vásquez will be buried at the parish. Father Miguel Ángel Vásquez passed away fifteen years ago. He was the one who built the actual church in Yalí along with 37 small chapels in the communities. Today, he is going to be laid to rest at the parish and tomorrow there will be a special service for him. He was really appreciated by many Yaleños. I am also sending a picture of a little girl from Reverendo Miguel Angel Vásquez School from Los Rodeitos who took flowers for him. What I remember the most from him is his really strong handshake!! I appreciate all of his advice so that I grew up close to my Catholic principles. Please share, Keyla
Hello!! In the pictures, you will see the kids at Reverendo Miguel Ángel Vásquez with new t-shirts, as you know these students come from different parts of the community and they belong to low-income families, some don´t have money to buy a new uniform, now that we are getting close to our Independence celebration, where most students have to wear white and blue uniforms. We also were able to buy the materials needed to start another vegetable garden to be able to compliment the students meals while they are at school. We could also buy a small projector. We were thinking about new chairs but the government authorities didn´t accept that. I asked them the reasons, and they refuse to give them. So, this is why we thought about helping the kids directly. We are thankful for the blessings. I know God will know how to compensate for all you do for us in Yalí and Los Rodeitos. Thanks a lot!! -Keyla
Thanks to your help, 40 people received food packages and we were able to replace the lightbulbs at Rubén Darío High School. The electric system was damaged due to a bad connection and the cost of replacing it was high. 
The storm has left a lot of damage all over the country, experts said that Hurricane Julia was bigger than the country itself. In Yalí, rivers were very high, there were some mudslides, and collapsed bridges.
Thank you so much for your prayers, we are all safe, and hope to overcome all the material damage left by the storm. Please keep us in your prayers. Thanks for all you do for us, -Keyla
With this contribution, we could help the parish repair the roof and paint part of the temple. Father Arsenio was looking for help since he doesn't have any other support and the contribution that the parishioners typically give has been affected due to the crisis that the whole country is immersed in.  
I am also sharing pictures of Mrs. Anastasia and Mr. Angel. I recently could visit both of them at their new place. It takes quite a ride to get there because their house is in a community called Rancho Largo. The road conditions are not the best and you have to cross rivers and go up to the mountains in order to get there. But I enjoyed the experience, now I know that I am very fortunate to live in Yalí. They always receive me with a big smile. They are very thankful to the parishioner in Our Lady of the Lake who is helping both of them. 
Finally, these pictures are from Reverendo Miguel Angel Vásquez School. Last Saturday we had a parade for our Patriotic Celebrations. These are my students from Saturday. The banner you see in front of the parade which has the logo of the school and the name on it was bought with the seed contribution. Thanks so much for your help and for remembering the students at Los Rodeitos. You will see more kids with white t-shirts, these were also bought with this contribution also. 
Thanks so much for all you do. Keeping you all in my prayers!! -Keyla
Thanks so much for helping 90 students at different schools in Yalí. The students received notebooks, pens, pencils, erasers as well as other supplies needed to start the new school semester. Out of the 90 students, 18 are studying at Universidad del Norte de Nicaragua. All of them learn English at this university. The students come from different communities around Yalí, and most of them come from really low-income families. Thank you for your generosity and for keeping my country in your prayers, I know you have been aware of everything that is happening. As well, I pray for your country which I keep in my heart and plan to visit the amazing people and friends I have.
Thanks so much for your kindness, you have now helped 90 students to become successful in life. So grateful, Keyla
Here you will find pictures of us working in the school garden as well as pictures of the piñatas and cake for Children's Day celebrated in May.
It's so special that she continues to share pictures with us about their daily activities and how our support makes their days a little more special.