Fr. Bill Heric Reflection

As we begin this new model of parish life, I am committed to being equally present and supportive of all our four parishes and three schools. My main workspace will be at Assumption Parish, although I plan to have office hours at the other three as well. Fr. Duc will have his office at St. Catherine’s, although both of us will meet with individuals and families at their home parish. We are joining the ministry of our wonderful parish staff and volunteers, who are more important than ever. Those of you involved in various parish ministries, please continue to do so!

Our main ministry as Catholics, is gathering for the Eucharist on a regular basis, and being sent from it to bear Christ’s peace, love, and compassion in our daily lives. I know our new weekend Mass schedule will initially be hard for some of you, but in time I hope it becomes a source of great support and grace in your lives. I encourage all parishioners to feel welcome at any scheduled Mass in the Family. Whatever Mass you attend, please remain registered in your current parish and continue your stewardship and financial support in that community.

As we share this new beginning, I am aware that it requires a certain letting go of the past which is difficult. This is the paschal mystery of the dying and rising of the Lord that is at the heart of our Christian lives. In such moments, I recall the words of a song by the monks of Weston Priory in Vermont which gives me hope:

Journeys ended, journeys have begun: to go where we have never been, to be beyond our past, moments of lifting up, transcending death, rising in transparent light to the fullness of God’s presence. Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia.

Blessings of peace,

Fr. William Heric, Pastor