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Sacrament Certificate Request

This form is for a replacement certificates for Baptism, First Eucharist and Confirmation only. You cannot request a sacrament certificate unless the person you are requesting for has already received the sacrament.

Which sacramental certificate are you requesting?*
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Additional Requirements: - Picture of the photo ID of the perosn requesting. The same individual and photo ID will need to be presented at the time of pick-up.

Upload required photos here*
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*Please note that we will only send the certificate to either your local parish or the address that matches the photo ID uploaded.

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  • Certificates for adults will only be released to the adult on the certificate or the church requesting the certificate.
  • Fraudulent documents will be reported to the appropriate authorities.
  • An individual must be baptized or have received the sacrament at Our Lady of the Lake for a certificate to be prepared.
  • We do not prepare sacramental certificates for other parishes
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