Easter Sunday 2017

How many of us believe parts of our lives are dead?  How many believe that parts of our family, our country, our world, our church cannot come to life?  How many of us feel bereft of the hope of change?   This is when I turn to the Resurrection. 

(James Martin, “Jesus”, p. 415)

I recall the philosopher Simone Weil saying how “We are saved by turning”.  I came upon those words at a turning point in my own search for God.  So, how do we “turn to the Resurrection”; a turning by which we recover hope and find ourselves more alive to God and the meaning of things

My first move after getting out of bed is to get the newspaper.  One recent morning, I was outside to do just that when I heard a Robin singing.  I stood there in the dark and listened.  In that moment it dawned on me that, despite the dark chill of morning, spring was in the air.  And hope fluttered within me.   I’ve always loved spring.   The smell of cut grass and everything coming back to life makes me feel   alive and closer to God.  The other night I picked up the scent of Daphne in bloom as I walked.  It triggered a childhood memory: of that large Daphne shrub in the neighbor’s yard.   Recently, I came upon words by the poet Rumi; words sent me by a friend:


Spring is Christ, raising martyred plants from their shrouds.

When we turn toward life by giving it our attention and taking to heart what there is it can awaken within us hope often left dormant and as we routinely rummage through life.  We forget to turn to the resurrection of day with its gift and mystery.  There, within this fallen yet redeemed world, the Risen One is found raising martyred plants and those lives buried beneath so much debris whenever we learn to turn.  This capacity to turn and take to heart what is offered us is what awakens and redeems us.  To turn is to pray.  St. Bernard of Clairvaux noted how “God still speaks even if no one is listening.”  God speaks in birdsong and within that darkness faithfully giving way to the light; day in, day out. 

Often, we are bereft of hope that God alone can resurrect within us.  So, we need to turn to the Resurrection:  to Christ, that Radiant Dawn ever turned to us.  Such presence is encountered whenever we take time to believe by attuning our hearts to the nature of the everyday.  There, the everlasting spring that is Christ quietly awakens hope within our shrouded, unbelieving hearts.  It happened to me there in the dark and as I listened; the morning paper held in one hand with its deadening news momentarily slipped away as I listened to a robin announce the dawning of spring.    In that timeless moment hope surged as the One who lives brushed by; Jesus, who turns our anxious and shrouded lives toward the light.

A Blessed Easter to you!

Father Tim Clark, Pastor


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