Saint Vincent de Paul

The uncertainty of this pandemic spring continues for all of us. As we look towards Pentecost, we are grateful that we have been able to count on your continued generosity for our neighbors.
We received almost 30 calls in April and gave more than $3000 for rent and utilities, significantly less than in March. We also continue to give food, and help with clothing, gasoline, bus tickets, and other household needs.
Like other Vincentians in King County, we worry that fewer calls do not mean fewer needs. What will happen when the moratorium is lifted, and unemployed neighbors will owe staggering amounts of back rent? There are some signs that federal and state help is beginning to flow, but we continue to pray and talk about how we can help those who suffer financial burdens in the uncertain months ahead.
But there is joy and hope. One homeless neighbor, a recovering alcoholic, was surprised to find strangers could be generous. He is making a new chapter in his life as he repairs family relationships and works as a landscaper. We pray he can use our modest help as he finds himself and his purpose again.
Our pantry needs hand soap, dishwashing soap, and spaghetti sauce.
Thank you for your generosity in this beautiful Easter season.
OLL St. Vincent de Paul
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