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The Town Hall Meetings are a chance to hear about the Archdiocese’s Long Range Plan including how to continue to foster growth, Catholic community and continued celebration of the Eucharist within the North Seattle Deanery in the next decade.


The Archdiocese has been conducting analysis and planning around the reality of having 1 to 3 less priests in the North Seattle Deanery within 2 to 10 years. The majority of the 18 parishes in the North Seattle Deanery including OLL will be affected including how priests are assigned.


There are many scenarios under discussion and the plans are still very fluid. At this time, the most likely path is a proposal that would require parishes to “cluster” meaning one parish would pair with another parish close in geographic proximity and share one priest across the two parishes.  Other components of this cluster model include:


  1. Parish finances would be kept separate.
  2. Parish staffing and ministry programs would collaborate in an effort to share parish resources as much as possible.
  3. Schools would see minimal impact and continue to operate as they do today. Said differently, parish schools would not be “clustered” with another school.
  4. Mass times, liturgical schedules and other services would be adjusted to accommodate priests presiding at two facilities.
  5. It is possible OLL could be paired with another parish geographically close to us but no final decision has been made.


At this time, there is no final plan. The Archbishop is asking for our input and feedback by mid-December. Father Tim and the Parish Council will be working to consolidate feedback and ideas from these Town Hall Meetings to ensure our ideas and concerns are shared.


Please come ready to listen and share ideas on how we as a parish can collaborate on a solution while continuing to grow in the Holy Spirit at OLL and in our region. In preparation, we also recommend you download and read documents the documents below that provide more information on the Archdiocese process and proposed plans.  Due to time and resources, we will have a limited number of printed documents to share at the meetings so the best way to prepare is to read documents ahead of time. 




In Christ The Lord

Fr. Tim


Letter from Archbishop Sartain

Long Range Planning

Possible Outcomes and Considerations

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