Music Ministry

Join together in song, under the talented direction of our choir director, Sara Hanson. Rehearsals on Wednesday evenings, 7:15pm in the church. Sing at the weekend masses or at special celebrations, as your schedule allows. Remember, he or she who sings, prays twice. Contact Sara Hanson at or by calling 206-523-6776 ex 119.

Altar Society

The Altar Society at Our Lady of the Lake is a group of women from the Parish who offer their dedicated service to the Church. We are involved in the life of the Church in a special way. Through our efforts, we assist the Pastor in maintaining the Altar, Sanctuary and Sacristy. This includes cleaning and setting of the Altar for Services, caring for the vestments, Altar cloths, etc.  We also decorate for special occasions and care for the plants and flowers. All women are welcome! Gatherings are on occasion and announced in the bulletin. For more information, please contact Pam Thomas at 206.525.1394.

Finance Council

The mission of the Parish Finance Council is to ensure that adequate financial resources are available for the current and future needs of the Parish. This Council recognizes the need to accomplish this objective while preserving and encouraging the growth of the Our Lady of the Lake Parish family.If you are interested in serving as a member of the Parish Finance Council, please submit your background information to John Cowan at

Holy Hour

The first Sunday of each month from 3-4PM in the church. The Blessed Sacrament is exposed and adored by volunteers who sign up for one hour or more to pray before the Lord Jesus present in the Monstrance.

Offertory Counters

A group that counts the funds collected at Mass each week. Please contact the parish office if your are interested in volunteering.

Parish Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council is a consultative body whose objective is to assist the Pastor in evaluations of parish priorities and strategic planning. If you are interetsed in joining this group or have questions, please contact Jake Jacobsen at 206.650.5568.

CYO Sports

The CYO is committed to providing a ministry of information that helps bring youth to their full human potential. The CYO provides opportunities for young people to develop strong moral character, self-esteem and leadership qualities through activities of a social, educational, recreational and athletic nature. Children in grade 1-8 are invited to participate in a variety of sports programs throughout the year. For more information, please contact Jennifer Kush at

Stations of the Cross

Held Friday evenings at 6:30PM in the church during Lent followed by soup and sharing in Jubilee Hall.


Volunteers who assist people to their seat if necessary. They also take up the collection and distribute bulletins. Ushers provide an invaluable service to the parish community. In many ways, the ushers are the “face” of the church, the first ones that people see when they arrive and the last ones they see as they leave. For information, please contact Joe Beattie at 206.363.2491

Welcome Committee

This group welcomes new parishioners by phone and coordinates with the Pastor to make introductions at mass. They are invited to attend the coffee hour and a delivery of home baked cookies is offered. Please contact Mary Ann Geraghty at 206.522.0966 for more information.

St. Vincent de Paul

We are the arm of the parish that ministers to the poor in our area. We go out in pairs to visit those in our OLL service area who have requested assistance. We meet with them and spend time visiting with them. Most requests are for financial assistance for rent or utilities. Some clients need food and some require household items such as beds or furniture. Each one of us that go out on home visits receives more grace from those we encounter than we could ever give to them. We want to be the face of Christ that they see, but usually we are the ones that see the face of Christ in them. The people we meet always bless us with their stories, their humility and honesty. We in turn can offer them a sense of hope and caring. The team meets on the first (1st) third (3rd) Thursday in the Parish Center to assess pending requests for assistance. Please contact Ann Radermacher at 206.228.8011.


Justice and Peace Committee

The Committee’s overall aim is for Justice and Peace activity to be part of the core of the Church’s work throughout the Seattle archdiocese and to be perceived to be so by Catholic and non-Catholic alike.
Specifically, the Committee will support laity, religious, priests and bishops of the archdiocese in developing awareness of and ensuring engagement with and commitment to Justice and Peace as an integral part of the life of the Church and its living out of Gospel values. For additional resources and information on Committee events and activities, click here. For more information, please contact Lorraine Hartmann at 

Mom's Group

Join us as we build friendships and look at different aspects of faith, families, marriage and motherhood. Contact Christina Gonzalez at for more information.

Altar Servers

Young people serve the community through assisting in the litugical life of the parish during weekday, weekend, funeral and Holy Day masses. Contact Joe Zipperer at 206.322.2937 or

Infant Baptism

Preparing parents for the formation of their child’s faith through this first and important sacrament. Contact Mary Lou Colasurdo at 206.523.6776 or

Eucharistic Ministers

Assist with distributing the Body and Blood of Christ at Mass. Contact Carol Zarek at 206.363.4841 or for more information.

Parish Life

This committee is responsible for fostering a strong and vibrant parish community through a selection of parish social activities. Contact Marty Miller at for more information.

St. Francis House

Volunteers serve the poor by collecting clothing and household items. We also operate a snack bar and are always looking for help. Contact Theresa Smith at 206.234.8011


Parish volunteers who warmly welcome parishioners as they enter the Church for Mass. Contact Pat Pruss at 206.523.2118 or


Reader who proclaim the Scriptures at Mass and other services. Contact Lynn Martin at 206.523.4863 or

Consoling Grace

The Consoling Grace team supports families who have experienced a lossthrough phone calls, letters and fellowship. The group meets every first Sunday of the month follwing the 9:30 AM mass. Contact Parish Office at 206.523.6776


Rite of Christian Initiation – preparation of adult candidates for Catholic sacraments. Contact Mary Lou Colasurdo at 206.523.6776 ext. 115 or

Scripture Study

As we encounter God’s Word together, we have an opportunity to share our different perspectives and insights and are broadened because of the interaction. More information is retained when there is active involvement, so biblical literacy is enhanced. The group meets every Tuesday morning from 9-11 AM in Jubilee Hall. Contact Theresa Ward at 206.523.0781 for more information.

School Commission

The School Commission is an advisory body that assists in budgeting, long term planning and policy setting for the OLL School. Contact Catherine Millan at for more information.



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